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Specialist Insurance Advice and Management
CRA is specialist personal insurance business.

Most of us would automatically insure our home and car, yet many forget our most important asset – our ability to earn a long term income. Our income allows us to maintain the lifestyle WE choose.

The team at CRA can help you understand that life insurances are not about dying, they are about living. They are about making sure that the financial impact to you and your family and or business is not greater than the physical impact of a major injury or illness. This gives you and your family or business the benefit of time and resources to make a great recovery, and maintain, as best you can, your chosen lifestyle. Unfortunately, sometimes, that recovery may mean coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.

The protection solutions used are income protection insurance, life insurance, TPD (total and permanent disablement) insurance, and or trauma (critical illness) insurance. For business clients these insurances provide cover to fund Buy/Sell Agreements, Keyperson cover and for larger business, Group cover.

Many people believe that insurance doesn't pay. It does, it's just that the life insurance industry hasn't done a good job of explaining how much is paid out in benefits in this country each year. In 2010 it was $3,567,649,826. That's more than $3.5 billion! Many families had some protection, some had adequate protection, but how many didn't?

Ask any insurance policy beneficiary, no-one expected the insured accident or illness to occur.

Our traditional business model has been to provide specialist risk advice as an outsource service for the referred clients of financial planners, accountants, lawyers and general insurance brokers, working as part of their trusted team of specialists. This allows each of these professionals to focus on providing comprehensive advice in their fields of expertise, whilst ensuring that all their client's needs are met. Our business is built around developing strong, long-term relationships with our referring partners.

We are also happy to assist clients who come to us directly.


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