In 1991/92, Melbourne University Cricket Club formalised its Player of the Year Award to an award entitled the 'Scholars Cross'.

The Scholar’s Cross is based on a 3-2-1 voting system for each 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th XI Home and Away Game.

Votes are traditionally given by the least performed player in the match and are cast under the criteria of “Best MUCC Player”, which include performances on and off the ground.


# year name
11991/92James Sutherland
21992/93Geoff Allardice
31993/94Geoff Allardice
41994/95Justin Dery
51995/96Charles Sutherland
61996/97Charles Sutherland
71997/98Chris Reid
81998/99Paul Seller
91999/2000Campbell Morgan
102000/01Glen Hastings and Ben Costello
112001/02Jack Lusk
122002/03Brendan Joseland
132003/04Stewart Harris
142004/05Brendan Joseland and Shawn Flegler
152005/06Hamish Bull
162006/07Hamish Bull
172007/08Scott Sanders
182008/09Greg Kennedy
192009/10Adam Pustola
202010/11Michael Nalesnyik
212011/12Chris Grant
222012/13Mark Stafford
232013/14Udayan Gaur

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