Preseason Review

“I love a locker room; Smells like potential.” – Ted Lasso


Come the close of play on Saturday it might smell like a whole lot more than just potential, but on the eve of another season, there’s a strong whiff of possibility through the whole Parkville precinct. 


Preseason in the books, and, to quote Harry Emms, “a great many things” have happened.


A new President is in the blazer; Nic Brian stepping in to fill Derek Bennett’s sizable shoes. Both passionate and fiercely loyal MUCCers, it was wonderful to have the chance to recognise Derek’s extensive contribution to the club at last week’s season launch. Remaining on the committee in a partnership liaison capacity, we can all rest assured that DB will continue to wine, dine and network the club to greatness!


Brian (go on, who had to read that twice?) has already made a strong start to his presidential stint, not least when he introduced himself to the playing group:


“Yes, my name is Nic Brian, but you should all call me Snake,” he smiled, from behind a remarkably spiffy pair of sunglasses.


In all seriousness, thanks to the whole committee for their work throughout the offseason. A dedicated team who work tirelessly for the good of the club, we are blessed to have you all looking out for the playing group at every step!


As it relates to the action on the field, the Students have already claimed premiership points in season 22/23 – without a ball having been bowled! The MUCC Women’s XI took four points against Kingston Heath through forfeit last Sunday, but will be looking to get on the board against Essendon this weekend.


In the men’s section, it has been a busy off-season recruiting-wise as players have come from across the seas, across the Nullabor and even across from Northcote to come and play for the Students. Keep an eye out for the round previews for a full wrap on each of these boys, but know this – Ben Rolfs’ ability to recruit players via Instagram is directly correlated to the Masuri new kit stock order… watch this space.


With regards to player movement, a bunch have also returned to the Main. Barron-Toop, Croes and Durrant have all made their way back from Europe, where they spent six months somewhere on the spectrum between “European sightseeing” and dedicated cricket performance. 


The Hatzoglous will also both be back in the Baggy Black this summer, though Pete did bat in an Oval Invicincibles helmet on Tuesday night. As his mates would say at TGC Towers, “that’s good gear, Pete.”


Finally, club sponsor, the Clyde Hotel has also been boosted by a change of chef in the off-season. Now the steak sandwich comes with beetroot relish, but Beefy’s meal is still missing veggies.


The more things change, etc…


Lots of love and grand to be back.

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