pluck a duck: Round 4 Previews



It’s exam season and if there’s one thing the Students love more than an end-of-semester assignment worth 60% of the grade, it is – as James Bett would say – “plucking some duck.” Happily, they’ll have the chance to do so against Casey on the weekend. 



They’re unchanged, youthful and primed to pluck at Casey Fields #4 tomorrow. Based in the rugby dressing rooms as the pavilion is being re-built, it will surely be a source of comfort for an XI whose penchant for a hard-ball, detest for a knock on and skill in the scrum is second to none. 


There could be some angst in the XI, however. Having earned a spot in the Premier Cricket Team of the Week, Doug Warren put out a message, requesting screenshots of the Leader Local Cricket article celebrating his performance. Slug’s refusal to pay for journalism a concern in itself, that he will be playing alongside Max Hatzoglou whose salary comes from Herald Sun subscriptions could make things a touch awkward… 


Elsewhere (but still on media street) Peter did some collaborative posting on Instagram during the week; a timely reminder that brand building remains more important than having a wrong’un in the modern day. 


Janak, who is looking fit, strong and fast, refuses to smile on BeReal. He will most likely smile after taking a bunch of wickets, though – so keep an eye on your iPhone, should the notification go off soon after play tomorrow.



Buckets got beaten up by the Gunammata course at The National during the week. Perhaps some new clubs from Noah Croes could be the solution? He faces no such dilemma on the cricket pitch, however. Our stylish Buckety Buckets will put in a strong all-round showing tomorrow, before rolling in to serve Sunday in style at the Green Olive. 



Chasing their first points of the year and the Second XI will be at the Main for the first time tomorrow. With plenty of nooks and crannies in which to hide some independent journalism, Emmsy could take Find The Age to a whole new level before play. 


On the field, Nightingale (apologies for spelling it properly with a K in the reports), will have an added spring in his step after working his first two shifts at The Pantry in Brighton. Rumour has it that having an english accent working in a bayside cafe presents a range of challenges for our travelling Pom…


Jezza P, coming off a strong performance with the bat last week will be keen to make it all-round dominance tomorrow. Again with the captain’s armband, he did a wonderful job leading the crew last week and will only go from strength to strength. 


Pencil has been enjoying getting back to Nature’s paracetamol of late, surfing and spending time in the ocean having moved back to the Peninsula. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though; 2 hours and 45 minutes to get to training on Thursday a firm reminder of just how much HB loves the club. 


JB brought yummy cakes during the week as well. Unsure if it’s relevant, but it speaks to his general awesomeness. Perhaps more to the point, he didn’t have one. How’s that for S&C leading by example? Then again, once this top order batter was finished, there weren’t too many “yummies” left to go around. 



No Thommo Rattler tomorrow, just Suba Cruisa for Wagon, who will roll into the Main ready to tear this one apart. Having received a whole squad’s worth of Sydney Sixers helmets on Thursday, Ben is every chance to bat in pink tomorrow, but it’ll surely be the Swans who are left red-faced if they take him on at point…



An outstanding XI with outstanding leadership, Skinner and Savill unite once again to take the Third XI to the promised land. For this week, the promised land is masquerading as Casey Fields #5


Last Sunday it was a case of “left knee forward, right knee down” for Jamin, but tomorrow could be a case of “hit him in the shin.” You get it, that’s LBW, well played Toopy.


Elsewhere, Harrison Thompson owns a lovely green waffle shirt to go with his Pantene Pro-V sponsorship. A proud combination, it all blends nicely to make for quick leggies. Another on the spin production line, it seems that Uni is quickly becoming the anti-slow-spin police.


Wizard Patel’s stocks keep rising, both on and off the cricket field. No, seriously, if it’s crypto advice you’re chasing, seek out the Wizard. You might need to wait until he’s finished a devastating spell of swing bowling, though.


Should the Students find themselves in a pickle tomorrow, there is no need to fear; Jimmy Anderson having made a rapid recovery from a broken foot (pesky football) to assume his position as The Finisher. 



When he’s not co-ordinating the Australian Open, Nick Ritchie makes cricket look enviably simple. Though his head is in tennis Monday-Friday, the only wildcard he’ll be concerned with tomorrow is the wild state of the scorecard as he racks up a big score. (I’m sorry, truly).


There was a big, big sound from the North West of the town last weekend, and the Fourth XI are out to make it two from two to start the year tomorrow. Under Shen’s outstanding leadership, the youthful side are well placed to pick up where they left off last week.


Although Limmy has the gloves on tomorrow, it was his Rashid Khan-like leg-spin that got people talking last night. Don’t put it past Limmy to get in the ear of the skipper tomorrow and shirk the gloves in favour of a couple of tweakers. 


Meanwhile, Talati has been sending down his fair share of quickies of late. A proud Western Bulldogs employee (Doggy, Doggy, Doggy!), Khush would like to repeat the dose of 2016, by doing a number on the Swans tomorrow.


Once again Melican and Epstein will assume their spots at the top of the order; a devastating combination, look for them to go big again tomorrow, with Raf also fielding Hype DC applications for the Fountain Gate franchise whilst at the wicket.


PLAYER TO WATCH:Harrison Preiss

No longer required to keep his hair off his collar, Preissy is surely making the most of it; his mullet superceded only by his square drive. Devastating when he gets in a groove, he’ll be keen to get amongst it tomorrow after not having the chance in last week’s onslaught.



The Women’s XI will face Skye on Sunday. Described by Konrad Marshall as “Melbourne’s most unlivable suburb” in The Age in 2015, the Students will surely make it uncomfy as they take their winning form to the South East. 


Sitting proudly in second place, Sunday’s encounter shapes as another golden opportunity to bank some points against 7th-placed Skye.


Their batting having been a particular strength thus far, Uni has only lost 4 wickets in their three matches thus far. Should this trend continue, Uni will go a long way to securing another victory.



She’s been Uni’s trump card for a number of years now, and with good reason. Grant’s all-round ability makes her a force to be reckoned with, and she’ll be keen to get amongst it once again on Sunday and lead the Students to victory!

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